Gracie Finds Home!

I recently made a trip to the Corridor of Cruelty to do some photos for SNAP. We were going to follow the process of being neutered on a dog that had recently been rescued from the area. The mobile clinic does amazing work in the lower income areas of Houston spaying and neutering people’s pets for free. It’s harrowing work, and it’s one of the biggest reasons that I support SNAP so much! Remember, if we can spay and neuter everyone’s pets, there won’t be an overpopulation crisis any more!

While there, we encountered the sweetest tiny dog who was temporarily named, “Bella.” Bella had been rescued from the Corridor of Cruelty and was on the truck to be spayed so she could go to a foster home. I’m happy to report that Laura Welch from SNAP couldn’t let Bella out of her sight, and has adopted her into her home!

Bella is now named Gracie GaGa, and couldn’t be happier! Congratulations Laura and Gracie, more photos to come soon!

Brett Chisholm
Houston Photographer

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  1. Gracie is one lucky pup and could not have gone to a better home! Laura is the best!

  2. Yay Corridor of Cruelty rescuers!!

  3. aww! Love happy endings!!!

    Cheers and Happy Barkin’!

  4. AWWWW!! She is adorable! Congrats Laura!!! And amazing photos as always from Brett!

  5. Houston is so lucky to have amazing people in it like Laura Welch! Glad to call her my friend!


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