The Fashionable Dog – SNAPshots.

I’m introducing a new category today to the blog called THE FASHIONABLE DOG. It’s a great collection of images  that combine two of my favorite things with photography… dogs and fashion. I’ve decided that each of the personal projects I do with fashion from here on out will have dogs in it… so watch this category of the blog for exciting things. I am so hopeful that this will be a “featured” area of the blog that I have also created a new widget that goes on the pages of the site that will scroll through the images in this category. Whenever you’re on the blog checking things out…. you’ll see the newest photos in this section scrolling past!

Today’s post has ALL the photos from the 2008 SNAPshots Calendar! This is actually the first time they have all been assembled in one place online. In 2008, Chloe Dao, Elaine Turner, myself and a huge supporting team including Élan Rogers, Wendy Martin, the Houston Astros, Page Parkes, the Houston Dog Blog and others came together to create a fashion calendar that benefitted SNAP. It was so much fun and raised much needed funds and awareness for Spay and Neuter in TX. Click any thumbnail to view the larger image. Below the entire set of images, there is a very exciting contest…

I’m very pleased to welcome the readers of the facebook networked blogs feed to the NEW BLOG! It’s basically in soft mode launch, and will begin to be promoted this week. BEFORE that happens, though, I thought I would have a fun promotion to encourage people to explore the benefits of commenting and reward the readers of the feed.

I am giving away THEE FREE SESSIONS to the first commenters of the new blog!


Can you believe it? That’s a one hour session in studio, a disc of 4×6 inch printable images, and 1 8×10 print!

There will be MANY exciting promotions like this, so make sure you are ALWAYS READING THE BLOG!

To enter this contest, you must simply post a comment on any TWO posts throughout this blog, except for this one. You can, of course, comment here… but it will not count in the promotion. To comment on ANY post…. click on the post title. For example, at the top of this post is the post title, “The Fashionable Dog – SNAPshots.” Click on the title of any post to get to the page you can make comments on. All comments are time stamped and immediately e-mailed to the studio, so we will use those dates and times to find out who wins! Remember, post a comment TWICE… on two separate posts! Good luck!

-Brett Chisholm
Houston Photographer

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  1. I was jazzed to see this calendar when it came out because I did the heartworm
    treatment on beautiful OX on the right here and was pleased that you help portray
    pibbles in a positive light! Thanks for all you do for Houston pets!

  2. I LOVE this pic of the incomparable Joanne King Herring!

  3. AWESOME pictures. I want my website to look like this!

  4. This was for 2008? Are you doing a calendar for 2011?

  5. Calendars are REALLY difficult T! Probably not doing another…. ;-)

  6. love the photo’s the girls and their dogs all look great!


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